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The Aviator - Heart variant

Airship captains are a superstitious bunch. They never set flight on a Thursday, won't pet a feline the night before departure and believe bananas are bad luck. One particular point of superstition is that they will never fly without the seed of a Dandelion on board, believing it to be an element of the air and therefore a source of good luck.

This hand made necklace is one such charm worn by captains throughout the skies. Inside the 3cm tall glass jar is a single Dandelion seed, locked away for good luck. Denoting the position of a man (or woman) of the skies is the traditional flying heart, accented with a single rose coloured crystal bead.

The necklace supplied with the charm varies.

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Shipping is by standard air mail without insurance or tracking to keep the cost down. No responsibility can be taken for any items lost in transit.

If you are interested in either upgrading to registered post or including insurance on your order, please let me know and I will give you a quote.
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