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My Lady's Tears - Freshwater pearl and haematite


Everyone knows the story of Sleeping Beauty - how she was the fairest maiden, pricked to sleep eternal by a spinning wheel on her 18th birthday and then rescued by her True Love's kiss. The kingdom rejoiced and everyone lived happily ever after, or at least that's what they tell you. Nobody ever gives you the story of the parents left behind when their daughter becomes the sleeping dead - how Aurora's mother wept bitterly for her fallen daughter and her father bled.

This necklace was found locked away within a chest, hidden under the floorboards in the treasury of the kingdom - until now. Each tear Aurora's mother shed became a pearl, each drop of blood a haematite stone; black as the heart of the witch that cursed the darling girl. You see, to count their grief, the witch also cursed her parents so that they would know the measure of sorrow they carried.

On the day Aurora awoke, her parents scattered these beads to the four winds to rejoice in their daughter's new found life. It was by sheer chance that some of those beads were found, and at the birth of Aurora's first child, she was gifted this necklace so that she would know the love of her parents eternally.

This necklace is something special. Crafted from freshwater pearls and haematite beads, the feel of the beads on skin is akin to cold silk, gentle and yet present. The alternating pattern between smooth and natural beads is eye catching and both styles of beads have a certain natural reflective quality to them which makes this piece almost glow. This necklace would be the perfect accent to a simple outfit in need of that "WOW!" factor, or for whenever you need to feel soft and sensual.

Made with silver-plated findings on beading nylon, My Lady's Tears is finished with a detailed loop-and-pin closure with a dragonfly motif.

This necklace measures 48cm (18.8 inches) long

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