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About us


About The Tattered Tower

 Welcome to The Tattered Tower.

 Here at the Tower, I create beautiful hand crafted pieces of wearable art. Each item is carefully selected and lovingly designed with exquisite attention to detail. Our creations are plucked from the realms of fairy tales, historic lore and fantasy; we bring a touch of magic into your daily life. Whether it's the compass from an Airship pirate or the necklace from Snow White herself, there is nothing mundane about our items.

 The Tattered Tower is located in Sydney, Australia. At present, we sell our creations online so that they can be enjoyed worldwide, and we also have a presence at various markets throughout the year. We keep the Blog page updated regularly with the details for upcoming markets and events.

The Tattered Tower has a strong emphasis on sustainability - we minimise and recycle packaging without compromising the safety of our items in transit, try to source item components from vintage and 'unusable' pieces to upcycle them into a one-of-a-kind creation, and ensure that any waste produced from our business finds it's way to recycling where possible. As a business we want our community to know we care about the customer's sense of mind, knowing that, not only are they supporting small business, but they're also helping to keep our world a greener, cleaner place.

Additionally to our environmental commitment, The Tattered Tower supports our vast community with projects focused on helping both animal welfare programs and organisations that support those with mental health issues. Such as charities as Beyond Blue have for some time have had our gratitude and financial support in assisting the most vulnerable in their times of need.

If you want to follow The Tattered Tower on social media for updates, photos, competitions and more, you can reach us at our Facebook page and on Instagram.

 About the owner

 The Tattered Tower was created in 2010 by one Sarah Szymczak, a then 21-year-old woman with multiple chronic illnesses and a dream to plant a seed of fantasy and magic into every day life. It was that year that she decided to quit her day job and work on the business with as much fervour and passion as her body would allow, creating the very first few items and setting the theme that made The Tattered Tower what it is today.

 Fast forward to 2016 and yours truly is still hard at work, still learning a myriad of skills to make wild and wonderful things that come from dreaming moments and surreal places. The Tattered Tower has grown considerably since then - from a hobby business to a way to touch the lives of others both through products and actions. 

 Over the years, I've worked in sewing and pattern making, wood working, leather working, beading and more, and now I'm presently undertaking the study required to advance my silver smithing and fine metalworking skills. Jewellery is an absolute passion of mine and I have a keen interest in transforming elements of the natural world into wearable art.

 It's rare that we get to do what we love for a living, and so I consider myself privileged to be in this position and to share my creations with the world.