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Upcomming markets and new stock!

This week in the Tower, I'm grabbing life by the horns... er, well, antlers.

Just in time for our biggest event this year, the Glebe Street Fair, a brand new style of earrings and pendants will be released - the first in the 'Natura' series of hand-made brass jewellery, a Tattered Tower exclusive. The stunning Stag Lord earrings and pendants take inspiration directly from the wild world around us and allow you to incorporate just a little bit of that magic into your wardrobe.

As a sneak peek direct from my work desk, here's a look at these brass beauties without fuss or fanfare. No special lighting or editing, just the earrings as they are, fresh from polishing.

I'll have 5 pairs of the Stag Lord earrings and 5 pendants available on the day at the Fair, and then they will be listed in the store the following week.

As a thank you to my fantastic supporters on the day, the details of a very special freebie event be found in the link to the Facebook event above. And with the event just in time for Christmas, it makes for an absolutely fantastic day out.

Hope to see you all there!

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