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I'm absolutely overjoyed to welcome you all to the brand-spanking new Tattered Tower storefront!

After roughly a month of issues with security and payment from Etsy, I made the difficult decision to switch to a platform that allowed me to offer my customers greater security in their transactions, a more simple way to shop and to give you the best possible experience when hunting down goodies online.

Some of the biggest differences between Etsy and my new Shopify store front are:

- The layout. You may have noticed that it's completely different to the old pigeon-holed Etsy store front. Suddenly I have the option to make the items the focus of attention, offer a site that's much easier on the eyes and to customise almost every aspect of my store front. It's absolutely fantastic for me, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

- The web address. This is a big one. As some of you may know, The Tattered Tower used to have a not-so-wonderful website at It did the job but it wasn't suited for a business and looked unprofessional. With the new store front, you can get to my shop one of two ways now - either by OR by  Easy to remember!

- What I can list. This is the biggest difference for me. On Etsy, I was very much limited to what I could list on the store. It had to fall into one of three categories - Vintage, craft supplies or hand made. For those of you who have seen my stalls in person, 99% of my stock is hand made, but I also like to offer hard-to-find, quirky items as well, and some of these haven't been made by myself due to it being outside my skill range and level. Without these restrictions, I can now bring you the FULL range of all the Tattered Tower's stock, without having to jump through holes or worry about violating Etsy's TOS.

With these big changes, I'm going to be kicking this bad boy into full swing and bringing you The Tattered Tower that I've always dreamed of - big, beautiful and bursting with fantastic jewellery, accessories and curios. I'm working on building my skill set as a craftswoman so I can add to the range of items offered, I'm learning every step of the way how to make better products and I'll not rest until we've taken over the world!

Thank you for making the switch to the new store front, and I hope you'll join me on this fantastic journey into the unknown!


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